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October 2012 - Christopher Faundeen

Christopher F

We would like to recognize Christopher Faundeen as our Volunteer of the Month for October, 2012!

“Christopher has been volunteering at Children’s Care for almost 3½ years! He comes three times per week and is willing to try any task that is thrown his way. He likes to shred and sort papers in the volunteer office. He always has a great attitude, and he really cares about the people he works with. Christopher is incredibly responsible and punctual, and he always calls if he cannot make it on a given day. He certainly makes the office a more enjoyable place!”

Thank you for everything you do for Children’s Care, Christopher! We are very lucky to have you as a volunteer. Congratulations!

To volunteer at Children's Care, call (605) 444-9621.


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"I was grateful for the chance to volunteer at Children's Care while I was in college to gain a better understanding of the needs of children with special needs, as well as those of their families. This was a great opportunity!"
– Alexi M., Volunteer
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