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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are trained to assist people of all ages to perform functional tasks that normally occupy their lives. The goal of our occupational therapists is to help children, adolescents and young adults reach the optimal level of functioning at home, school, in the community and at play. Our occupational therapists work to discover and maximize each individual’s potential through positive, team-oriented evaluation and treatments. 

Our occupational therapy teams in Sioux Falls and Rapid City perform a variety of evaluations in the areas of activities of daily living, fine motor skills, oral motor skills, feeding and visual motor/perception rehabilitation. These evaluations also determine the person’s potential for learning new skills.

Our occupational therapy teams in Sioux Falls and Rapid City treat a variety of skills areas including activities of daily living, the person’s self care, feeding and need for assistive devices. Our pediatric occupational therapist treats the rehabilitation of fine motor skills involving motor control, writing skills, bilateral integration and motor planning. The occupational therapist treats oral-motor skills including lip and tongue control and other components for feeding and visual motor skills including body scheme, visual closure, spatial relations, position in space. 

In addition to the traditional occupational therapies, we offer specialized evaluation and treatment in the following areas:
•    Sensory Integration and Praxis Testing
•    Serial Casting and Splinting
•    Sensory feeding programs
•    Seating and Positioning
•    Power Mobility
•    Assistive Technology and Custom Adaptations
•    Constraint Induced Therapy

Children’s Care is proud of the resourceful team we’ve put together in our Sioux Falls and Rapid City locations. Our therapy team is extensively trained to help children. This experience translates into the highest level of care and outcomes.


"It wasn't long after I started at Children's Care Hospital & School that I fell in love with the kids. They are all genuine and unique in their own way and and we can learn so much from them. Children's Care is a very special place to work."
– Shirley G., Receptionist
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