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Extended Care

Extended Care

The Extended Care Program (Austin Hall) provides children with significant developmental delays, cerebral palsy, and/or chronic health conditions with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to help accelerate learning and development. The IEP is developed with the family, home school district, and Children's Care Hospital & School's interdisciplinary team including certified special education teachers, pediatric trained therapists and nurses, school psychologists, social workers, and a registered dietician. Each child's individual medical needs are taken into consideration when their treatment plan is developed. Children may attend school full time or on a part time basis if their medical needs are more intense. Dedicated Extended Care staff provide quality programming throughout the 24-hour program in the residential setting and school.

Upon discharge, Children's Care Hospital & School can provide Outpatient Services and/or Outreach Services to support the child's successful transition to a lesser restrictive environment.

"My favorite thing about working at Children's Care is working with compassionate, caring people who share my love of kids."
– Tisha D., Director of Human Rights and Protections
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