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Ascent: Soaring Beyond the Precipice

Jeschke Theatre - University of Sioux Falls
There is a kingdom that loved and celebrated its orchard of cherry trees. Every year there is an annual cherry blossom festival full of festivities and celebrations. This year there is something wrong with the cherry trees. The inner light that makes them thrive has been stolen. The Emperor spends countless hours wondering how to bring the light from the sun back to his trees. One day in the market place, a local, homeless child fashions a kite out of the leftovers that they find on the ground. The guards see the child and the kite and take it to the Emperor. The Emperor then proclaims that there will be a kite making festival during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. He is secretly hoping that someone will make a kite great enough to make it to the sun and back. Many grand kites are brought forward at the festival. The child even presents a kite, a dragon, created from garbage to the Emperor, the Emperor approves the kite to enter the festival. During the kite flying festival a great storm sweeps in and knocks all of the kites from the sky. The child picks up the kite and takes it home. After attempting to repair the kite and falling asleep, the kite begins to awaken and grow. The next morning, the kite is no where to be seen, but the child can hear something creeping around the bamboo forest where they live. Eventually the dragon unveils himself the child, and after a few hesitant moments the two become friends. The guards take the boy and the dragon to the palace where the Emperor asks them to fly to the sun and back to get the light for the Cherry Trees so that the kingdom can survive again. The boy and the dragon go on an adventure in the sky - they pass past clouds, dance with a flock of cranes, and even become enwrapped in the colors of a rainbow. Eventually the meet the sun and his sunbeams who give the dragon the light (the fire) and they return back to the Emperor. The light is restored to the trees, and as a reward, the Emperor takes the child into his home and all of the other homeless children in his community.

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"We are so pleased with the help Children's Care has offered our family. The skills they have taught Matthew will help him not only in Kindergarten, but for the rest of his life. I would recommend the In-Home Behavior Therapy program for anyone with a child who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder."
– Cindy S., Parent
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