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Yes, I can!

grace1Grace is an extraordinary 3-year old little girl that celebrates life with a “can do” attitude and infectious smile. She is one of many children we serve that must rise to meet challenges every day of their lives.

As early as seven months, Grace’s parents, Mike and Sammantha, suspected that something was wrong with her, but were told to wait and see – that she might outgrow it.  Finally at 14-months, Grace was diagnosed with spastic triplegia, a form of cerebral palsy that affects her left arm and both legs.  They immediately began researching to find the best possible care and therapy for Grace.

It was while Grace was receiving therapies from the Birth to 3 Program, that a physical therapist recommended Children’s Care. In January 2012, she began coming to Children’s Care for occupational and physical therapy once a week.

Grace started out unable to sit, crawl, stand, or step, but immediately began to make progress. “We credit a lot of Grace’s success to Children’s Care and her therapists there,” Sammantha said. “Grace is very shy and all her therapists are very sweet and loving with her. Christine has challenged her to work hard, but makes it fun.”

Today Grace can sit, crawl, pull to stand, and she can move her gait trainer independently. “The therapists go above and beyond to help in every way, said her mother. “They give us lots of ideas on dressing, feeding, and other things we can do at home. They all love Grace and have become like family.”

Initially Grace’s fine motor skills were almost non-existent, but recent tests show scores nearly average. She’s also made great progress on issues with drooling and swallowing.

Children’s Care Physical Therapist Kim Burke calls Grace “super motivated and full of energy and life.” At such a young age, Grace celebrates what she can do. When a cousin about her age recently said that Grace couldn’t walk, she replied, “Yes I can…with my gait trainer!”

“Yes, I can!” It’s that motivation, championed by proactive parents and therapists who believe in her that will help Grace meet the challenges ahead.

If you want to help Grace and other children meet the challenges ahead, support Children’s Care with a gift now.

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"I'm so impressed and happy with the lessons Lisa and Jamie have provided in Adaptive Aquatics. They are by far, the best lessons the girls have ever received. I am very grateful."
– Robert B., Parent