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Why Blogs are Important

RSS Feeds are a great way to keep up with blogsTECHNORATI’S STATE OF THE BLOGOSPHERE 2008

Yesterday, Technorati posted their annual report on the blogosphere.  The reports were surprising, even to one who does blog.  Blogs are a fantastic communication tool so that anyone can convey their thoughts, opinions or expertise and allow others to respond.  It’s a method of sharing your intelligence with the world.  In the world of blogs, Technorati is its Google.  Within Technorati’s site you can search for blogs or blog posts on any subject that interests you.  They index the majority of blogs and now have knowledge of over 133 million blogs since 2002.


Blogs have allowed the free flow of information across the internet.  Republican or Democrat, blue collar or white collar, Mac or PC user - there is a blog to suit you.  And that is why Children’s Care created Blog Talk.  As parents, school districts, donors, physicians or simply interested parties, Blog Talk has and will continue to provide timely information and resources in the world of special needs children.  Our blog allows readers a forum where they can read a post and then comment on it.  We’ve been very fortunate with many comments supporting our work. In addition, according to, research shows that women are not only the healthcare decision makers for the family, they are also on the internet much more than one might think.  For that very reason, our blog and website exist to answer parent questions and to be a valuable resource - for both moms and dads.  Our CEO is a self confessed “Mommy Geek” and we’re of the opinion there are many more out there like her.  Perhaps you?


There are many ways to use blogs.  Many blog users are simply observers -those who are reading right now, taking in the information and later moving on.  Then there are the participants - those who read and will comment from time to time on subjects close to their heart.  This is the audience who makes blogs fun because they reply back with their comments or questions.  They initiate a conversation. We encourage this conversation at any level, so if you’re reading and not participating, please join in!  And for those who are  new to the blogosphere, take heart - click here to read more.


Due to their growth and popularity, blogs are here to stay.  For that reason as well as many others, we recommend you become a part of the Blogosphere, the active world of blogging, commenting and reading.  Subscribe to our RSS Feed to stay up to date on our information.  Most of all, let us know how we’re doing and what topics you’d like to know more about.  Our blog is only as good as the content it contains.  Do you have subjects you’d like to know more about?  If so, our comments area is just below!

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