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New phone numbers now in effect at all Children’s Care locations

The phone system upgrade at Children’s Care and subsidiary Rehabilitation Medical Supply in Sioux Falls and Rapid City is now effective in all locations.

The old phone and fax numbers for the main locations, as well as for admissions and appointment desks, will forward for at least six months. New main numbers are:


Children’s Care Hospital & School: 605-444-9500

Main fax: 605-444-9501

Children’s Care Rehabilitation Center: 605-444-9700

Fax: 605-444-9701

Rehabilitation Medical Supply, Sioux Falls: 605-444-9702

Fax: 605-444-9703

Children’s Care, Rapid City: 605-791-7400

Fax: 605-791-7401

Rehabilitation Medical Supply, Rapid City: 605-791-7402

Fax: 605-791-7401

Children’s Care Foundation: 605-444-9800

Fax: 605-444-9801


Other key numbers, including the unit nurses’ stations and nurse managers, will forward for three months. For the following three months, callers will get a recording stating the new number.

Most numbers will have a recording immediately after the switchover stating that the number has changed, and to please hang up and call the new number. The number will be stated in the recording, which will be in place for six months.  

Both toll-free numbers (800-584-9294 in Sioux Falls and 800-584-9298 in Rapid City) for the organization will remain the same.

A dial-by-name directory will be available at each location, or you may ask the operator to connect you to the individual or department you are trying to reach. For a PDF listing of key new numbers, click HERE  

Organizational growth has necessitated acquiring a block of numbers with new prefixes to provide better access to more staff, as well as provide better tools to help those we serve. We hope the initial switchover causes as little inconvenience as possible to our families and colleagues. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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"After six months of physical therapy with Becky Rippe of Children's Care through the Birth to 3 Program, our son Jackson is performing at his age level in terms of his gross motor skills. Becky was fantastic with him, and was ALWAYS very encouraging. We feel very blessed and thankful that we chose to have him complete this program."
– Trent & Melissa P., Parents