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Trevor’s Success

do5g02501At Children’s Care our wish is to help improve the lives of every child we serve, equipping them with the tools they need to learn, grow, and become more independent. Trevor, a 17-year-old young man supported at Children’s Care, is able to enjoy some of the same things as many of his peers – listening to music, going to the mall, fishing – because he’s worked with a dedicated team of professionals that want him to succeed.

As a 4-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, Trevor was very bright and his family knew that if they could just find the right help, he would be able to communicate and learn. Evaluations by professionals at our Outpatient Center confirmed this and eventually led them to Children’s Care’s residential program.

Because they lived three hours away, moving to Children’s Care was a hard transition for Trevor and his family. Living in the residential area meant that Trevor would only see his family on weekends, school breaks, and holidays, but knowing that Trevor was getting the education and care he needed made it easier.

“Having staff he knew and liked so that he wanted to come back to Children’s Care made it easier for us,” explains his mother, Laurel. Now as a teenager, she says, “He wants to know the plan.” Laurel says the angriest she’s ever seen Trevor was when they showed up to get him and he had already had his own plans.

Instead of making decisions for him, his family offers Trevor choices of coming home for a weekend or participating in parties and activities he enjoys at Children’s Care. This year, Trevor chose to be Grand Marshall of the annual Mall Walk instead of celebrating his birthday at home.

“Everything is in one place at Children’s Care,” Laurel continues. “Trevor lives there, gets his education, and they take care of all his medical needs. Even when we can’t be there in person, we can talk to his staff and doctors through a teleconference system. He’s in a secure environment. He has his own goals.”

trevor-matousek-student-of-monthThrough the commitment of Children’s Care staff, Trevor and children like him are given much more than education, therapy, and medical care, they are given the gift of independence. Now Trevor can drive his power chair and communicate with people through his communication device as he navigates the halls of Children’s Care on his own. His confidence is wonderful to see. The little boy that came to Children’s Care has grown into an engaging young man with a great smile, and a love for telling jokes and playing tricks on people.

His teacher, Karin Wiese says that Trevor’s great work ethic and enthusiasm have allowed him to be successful in his school work. “If he gets something wrong, he keeps working on it, until he gets it right,” she says. He is learning to work with computers, and thanks to the generosity of donors, has access to a school iPad lab that was funded this past fall.

If you ask Trevor what he likes best about Children’s Care, he’ll tell you the staff members that support him are terrific and he has lots of friends. He enjoys listening to music and working on his own laptop. He loves to shop at the mall.

For children like Trevor, dedicated staff members at Children’s Care, loving and supportive families, and generous individuals who support Children’s Care with their gifts are making wishes come true. Because of his accomplishments at Children’s Care, Trevor has dreams for the future. Someday he wants to live in an apartment, shop at the mall, and spend time with his friends.


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  1. Sara sprock wrote:

    Trevor -I wanted to thank you! You were the first young man we met when we visited cchs to make the decision to have our son attend school and live at cchs. You left a huge impression on me, you are an amazing young man! Keep smiling!!

    Posted 06 Mar 2013 at 9:06 pm

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