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Temple Grandin to air on HBO in February

The topic of autism continues to perplex the world, but with the help of autism advocate, author and inventor, Temple Grandin, we’ll all know a little bit more.

Temple Grandin is a well known and respected member of the autism community.  Diagnosed at theTemple Grandin on HBO age of five at a time when even less was known of autism was a challenge.  But with the help of her family and teachers, Temple went on to become a noted animal behavioralist and designer of livestock-handling facilities.

The story of Temple, titled “Temple Grandin” will initially air February 6 on HBO.  The movie stars Claire Danes as Temple, Julia Ormond as her mother and Catherine O-Hara as her aunt.  According to HBO the the film chronicles her early diagnosis, turbulent growth and development and the support of her family.  Mick Jackson, the movie’s director, is especially proud of the vantage point the movie takes.

“Before Temple, nobody had said, ‘this is how it feels.  This is what day to day, moment to moment, second to second, an autistic person goes through.’  And yet, through her writings and lectures, Temple had done that, and I thought this would be a wonderful and unique opportunity.  We could use all the techniques of cinema to try and bring this very different perception of the world to light for other people.”

The movie’s executive producer, Emily Gerson Saines, is the mother of a child with autism.

“When I read Temple’s book it became my singular source of hope.  It allowed me to believe that my son could one day contribute something to society,” she says.

Temple Grandin coloring bookEarly reviewers of the movie are in awe of how accurately Danes portrays Temple’s mannerisms.  Danes thoroughly researched Temple, her readings and reviewed many books on autism to prepare for the role.

For more information, check out HBO’s site.  There you can also download a coloring book that Temple Grandin and HBO collaborated on as part of the Project Onward initiative.  In addition, you can share your own stories about autism on their forum.

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