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Smart Table for Smart Thinking

The Smart Table for Smart Thinking on Vimeo.

The video above depicts a product demonstration of the Smart Table.  Much like the Smart Boards we use to educate our children, these devices allow children to touch the screen and manipulate the environment to learn.  Many settings can be changed to fit the specific needs of the students.  With the Smart Board we are able to show children the internet and teach from that media, demonstrating how to use the computer/internet, etc.

The possibilities are endless, but just one more way that technology helps educate children no matter the age or interest.

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"Of course the best part of working at Children's Care are the kids and families I meet everyday. The courage, passion and love that you feel from them is amazing and makes me feel very blessed to be part of this organization. I also love working among individuals of various educational backgrounds because I am able to learn something new everyday from them. Everyone is always so willing to volunteer to lend a hand or answer a question when asked."
– Megan J., Rehab Center Therapy Supervisor