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Registration will open soon for Summer Camps!

The Children’s Care Rehabilitation Center is finalizing dates and costs for 2011 summer camps, a great way for kids to keep learning and stay active over summer vacation. Here is the list of camps being offered at Children’s Care in Sioux Falls:

Handwriting Camps Have fun practicing handwriting this summer with Children’s Care. Do you have a child who is entering Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade who has difficulty with handwriting? Our occupational therapists will help your child develop skills to take the frustration out of handwriting. A structured, sensory-motor approach will be used to enhance printing skills.

Helping Hands: Constraint-Induced Camps Children will focus on using both hands and arms for everyday activities, including dressing, feeding, toy exploration, make-believe, dress-up, arts & crafts, gross motor activities, and so much more! Participation in the camp also includes pre- and post-camp evaluation and intermittent follow-up with Children’s Care occupational therapists. Activities are led by energentic, fun, and highly qualified occupational therapists from Children’s Care in cooperation with rehabilitation physician Julie Johnson, M.D.

Music For Me A highly trained Music Therapist will lead this family style experience for children and parents or caregivers, that will include interactive turn taking games, imitative/rhythmic/sequential movement, instrument exploring, and lots of creative fun! Think drums, bells, puppets, hoops, scarves, stories, and songs!

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Camps Children will focus on peer interactions, communicating with our voice output devices in fun and functional ways. Outings may include: meeting at the zoo, a restaurant, the Sertoma Butterfly House, along with a Game Day at Children’s Care Rehabilitation Center. If your child qualifies for medical speech therapy services, we can obtain a doctor’s prescription to allow your child to participate. The camp will be lead by highly-qualified, Children’s Care speech-language pathologists.

Sensory Camp Does your child shy away from getting dirty? Hesitant with textures or the feel of wet, sticky, scratchy or is picky about clothing? This camp is a new and exciting group session that encourages our child to explore various forms of touch and improve responses to stimulation.

Social Skills Camps This camp is designed for children with autism spectrum disorders or other developmental disabilities who experience difficulty with communication and social interaction. Specific skills such as greeting, inviting someone to play, maintaining or ending a conversation, asking for help, and sharing materials will be addressed in the context of fun group activities. The camp is led by a Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist trained in intervention strategies for children on the autism spectrum.

Speech Extreme Camps Do you or others have difficulty understanding your child’s speech? Are there speech sounds your child struggles with? This fun and exciting speech camp will include an initial assessment of your child’s speech. Following assessment, camp will focus on the development of clear articulation of speech sounds. Sounds targeted in camp will include /k/, /g/, /f/, /v/, /ing/, /m/, /p/, /b/, and /d/. Children’s Care speech-language pathologists will conduct all camp activities.

Power Mobility Camps Trained therapist offer exciting opportunities to experience the latest technology in power mobility in a fun and functional setting. We will focus on development of mobility skills in different settings, terrains and situations within a fun and casual atmosphere. New power wheelchair users will be matched with one of the power wheelchairs in the Children’s Care fleet.

Breakfast Club This camp is designed for children who have feeding and swallowing difficulties. Children will participate in a group setting. This camp is for children with food aversions, sensory or oral motor difficulties, those transitioning from tube-feeding or those who are picky eaters. Children will increase tolerance of textures and smells while improving oral motor skills. Children will talk about and try new foods. This camp is led by both an Occupational Therapist and Speech-Language Pathologist.

Watch for details, or call (605) 782-2400 to get on our call list!

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  1. Vicki Isler wrote:

    I signed my 3 year old grandson, Zachary, up for both Speech and Music Camp last Summer. He absolutely loved it and came home from misic singing songs and dancing around all over the place. During and after speech camp his language just blossomed. He loved going and just left with the speech pathologist every day without even saying good bye. I am so thrilled with the camps and will continue to bring Zachary and his little sister, Julia, when she is old enough. Thank you to all of the Children’s Care staff who set up and participate in the summer camps.

    Posted 01 Mar 2011 at 12:10 pm

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