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Need a Hug?

During last weekend’s Walk Now for Autism event, we were fortunate to have many visitors come by our booth and check out our information, resources and a variation of our “Hug Machine.”  Research shows that those with autism or sensory issues who use a hug or squeeze machine are often calmed and their tactile defenses are lessened.  The machine is the result of work by Temple Grandin, PhD, perhaps the most famous adult with autism of our generation.  Grandin will be the keynote speaker at the Lighting the Way conference held in Sioux Falls come June of next year.

The video below shows our staff at the event and visitors who stopped by.  A few who tried out the Hug Machine variation are also pictured - adults and children alike.  If your child has experienced the effects of the “Hug Machine” please share in our comment section below!

This video is also available on YouTube (with higher quality options below the picture as well).

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  1. Adonya Wong wrote:

    Dr. Grandin is amazing, and so are you, Children’s Care!

    What you’re both doing for special needs children is commendable.

    Keep up the good work.

    Adonya Wong
    Author/Autism Warrior
    “In My mind: The World through the Eyes of Autism” (Tate Publishing: OK, 2008)

    Posted 17 Oct 2008 at 9:15 pm

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"Helping at Children's Care has taught me to look at the bright side of things just like the kids do!"
– Kaitlyn B., Volunteer