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Kylee’s Story

The Specialty Hospital Program at Children’s Care is a small post-acute program where children receive close monitoring 24-hours a day by a team of pediatric registered nurses.  

While we care for typically developing children who may be recovering from illness, accident, or surgery, we specialize in caring for children with special needs who also need rehabilitation or more intensive medical care for a period of time.  Here’s a story about a recent patient who came from out of state to get the help she needed at Children’s Care:

Kylee’s Story

Eleven-year-old patient Kylee came to the Children’s Care specialty hospital program after having extensive surgery on both feet to correct a condition that was making it increasingly painful for her to walk. Her lack of mobility was causing her to gain too much weight. She was walking less and less, and in danger of losing ambulation altogether. Because of her diagnosis of autism, she is non-verbal and has challenging behaviors, which increased with the level of pain and frustration she was experiencing. No post-acute facility in her home-state of Minnesota would take Kylee for post-surgical and rehabilitative care—they didn’t feel they had the staff who could work with her developmental disabilities. Without post-surgical care, Kylee couldn’t have the surgery, and faced a future of pain, inactivity, and isolation. The surgical hospital contacted Children’s Care, and we assured them that caring for Kylee was no problem.

She was admitted to the Children’s Care Medically Complex Program on the Fisher Coon Unit (named for founding nurse Irene Fisher Coon) soon after her surgery. She received 24-hour care from the pediatric nursing staff, and after a few weeks was able to put weight on her feet. Physical and occupational therapists experienced in working with children with co-occurring diagnoses started preparing her well ahead of time for the rehabilitation phase. “Kylee progressed very quickly in her active rehabilitation treatment program. Her progress was much faster than anyone imagined it would be,” says Julie Johnson, Medical Director for Rehabilitation Programs. Kylee’s mother was grateful and impressed with her daughter’s care.  “The staff were totally open to taking my suggestions on how to best serve Kylee. That was everyone’s main focus–’How do we best serve Kylee?’”

Kylee was discharged after three weeks in the Rehabilitation Program, and is walking normally for the first time in years. “At Children’s Care, they find a way,” says Kelly. “It’s not ‘We can’t,’ it’s ‘How can we make this work?’ The people here are great!”

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"We are so pleased with the help Children's Care has offered our family. The skills they have taught Matthew will help him not only in Kindergarten, but for the rest of his life. I would recommend the In-Home Behavior Therapy program for anyone with a child who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder."
– Cindy S., Parent