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Vocational Education Program

The school year is off to a great start and you can be an important part of shaping a child’s future. For a limited time our employees and Children’s Care Hospital & School Auxiliary will match every dollar you give with a dollar through October 15!

Every day our students learn skills expanding their abilities and discovering new dreams. Children’s Care teachers and staff have been working to identify areas students can learn employable skills giving them greater independence in the community and opportunities for work once they graduate.

“At school we help children recognize their own abilities and help build their self confidence,“ says Principal Dr. Vicki Isler. Children who attend school at Children’s Care have developmental delays, behavior challenges, and extended medical needs that make it difficult for them to succeed in a typical classroom – that’s why Children’s Care Hospital & School is here. We consider each child’s unique needs and adapt the environment and education program so he or she can achieve their fullest potential.

Beginning at 12 years old vocational training is incorporated into a student’s school day. The vocational education program assists students in learning skills to include focusing on task completion, following directions, and learning social boundaries. One day when I visited Mrs. Flora’s classroom 18-year-old Alex was building sprinkler heads. He was mastering a manufacturing skill that involved following directions and only one correct way of completing the task. He was timed and his progress tracked on a chart next to his desk. Some of his classmates were working on sorting and counting objects. “Learning skills like this helps build a productive future for these kids. They will have options for work that interest them. Meaningful work is important,” says Mrs. Flora.

With your help Children’s Care can continue to give students the skills they need to become independent, contributing members of our communities. The students need more vocational training opportunities. Your gift today will help develop janitorial, bakery, horticulture, recycling and laundry vocational programs.

The Children’s Care Hospital and School Auxiliary and employees stepped forward to meet this need. This school year they ask you to join them. They will match your gift dollar for dollar. Every dollar you give will ensure that every child has a chance to succeed.

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"What I like most about my job is the direct care with the children each day. The children are so special and to be able to help them and take care of their needs is very rewarding."
– Jackie K., Teaching Assistant