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It’s All About Movement

National Physical Therapy Month

Today marks the first day of National Physical Therapy Month.  This year’s theme, “Movement” aims to raise awareness of what physical therapists do.  According to the American Physical Therapy Association, “Physical therapists are the movement experts. We help people move forward. We help people who have had a stroke or an amputation regain their independence. We help millions of Americans manage or eliminate their neck or back pain. We help children with cerebral palsy improve their overall function and participation in life. We help people move forward.

Movement is essential to our everyday lives. Having the ability to move safely and effectively is crucial in our lives and the lives of the people physical therapists treat. The physical therapy profession empowers people to move forward and take control of the movement that is so important in all of our lives.”

Physical Therapy is critical to many - adults and children.  The picture below shows a portion of our team who work everyday to improve lives.  If you or someone you know has limited mobility, see your primary care physician today.

Children\'s Care Physical Therapy Team

This is the first of a series we’ll provide on Physical Therapy, so come back for more information.  Or, if you’d like, please comment below on an area you’d like more information on or how a physical therapist helped you!

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