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What do you use the internet for?

The internet is a vast treasure chest of information.  If you think about it, there isn’t much the internet ishot-2doesn’t provide.  There are games for children, movies, songs, medical information, news, discussion areas and of course there are ways you can get directly involved including posting comments on blogs - like this one!  It’s fairly evident that people use the internet for information more than other traditional methods.

A recent poll from has been released showing the reasons why people are going online.  The results aren’t too mind blowing but in a few categories there was a bit of surprise.  Two areas of note were how many people use the internet for education and research.  A whopping 96% use the net for education and 89% for research.

Gaining information from the internet is obviously a high use item - but where does one go for their information - and is that information valid?  Be warned:  just because someone has a website or a blog does not make them an expert in that field.  The internet allows anyone to create a topic and write about it.  One doesn’t require special certification or a college degree.  All that is needed is some knowledge of websites and a few dollars to share your thoughts or opinions.  Just remember that sharing an opinion does not make one an expert, even if it is an opinion you share.

The next time you are looking for credible information, don’t look at or base your decision after visiting just one site.  Take a few extra minutes and search a few others.  Does the information come from a credible source, like a government agency or corporation?  Does the writer have credentials in that field?  The information on the internet is mostly free - but your peace of mind by gaining credible information is priceless.

Does the poll reflect how you use the world wide web?  Tell us in the comment section below - we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. cherie ortman wrote:

    Information is a blessing when you need it. Just remember, the internet doesn’t provide touch, eye contact, real human voice, physical exercise, and fresh air! And we all need that balance too. Have a great summer! Cherie Ortman

    Posted 20 Jul 2009 at 7:21 am

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