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IntelliTools Workshop, March 7-8, makes learning fun and on target for needed skills

Coming up with specific lessons to meet students’ individual goals can be a challenge.  It needs to include certain information, and be at the level that challenges your student, but doesn’t frustrate him or her.  It also needs to catch the student’s attention.  Consider taking our workshop, IntelliTools Classroom Suite 4, which allows you to create and adapt individualized computer activities for any subject area.

Classroom Suite is especially helpful for creating exercises to teach both regular and alternate content standards. When you create your own activities, you can add your own text, graphics, videos, sounds and animations. There are also pre-made activities that use a system of “model, practice and apply” to allow increased repetition of educational objectives. Attendees will use Classroom Suite 4 as a talking word processor, math activity generator, or multimedia authoring program. All functions created with this product can be accessed with a regular keyboard and mouse, IntelliKeys keyboard, or single switch.

This workshop will also cover training on the IntelliKeys keyboard. Please bring a flash drive in order to take home activities created during the workshop. In addition, we will be discussing how to access the IntelliTools Activity Exchange on the Internet. This web site contains free Classroom Suite 4 activities that others across the nation have submitted for download. Please check to make sure you are using version 4 of Classroom Suite. We will only be training version 4 in this workshop.  Instructor is Tina Miller MA, computer teacher at Children’s Care for 26 years.  Click on to register for this class.

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– Pat C., Technology Specialist