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IntelliTools training is June 17 & 18!

Children’s Care University presents IntelliTools Classroom Suite 4 training, June 17 & 18, 2010 at Children’s Care Hospital & School, 2501 W. 26th St., Sioux Falls. IntelliTools allows you to create and adapt individualized computer activities for any subject area. It is especially helpful for creating activities to teach both regular and alternate content standards. There are also pre-made activities that use a system of “model, practice and apply” to allow increased repetition of educational objectives. Attendees will use IntelliTools as a talking word processor, math activity generator or multimedia authoring program. All activities that are created with this product can be accessed with a regular keyboard and mouse. IntelliKeys keyboard or single switch. This workshop will also cover training on the IntelliKeys keyboard. Cost is $200. Registration deadline is June 10, so register now by clicking HERE, or by calling Christina at (605) 782-2371.

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"I like to volunteer at Children's Care because even though I don't work directly with the students, there are still many jobs I am able to do that help them behind the scenes. This year I celebrated my 2-year anniversary volunteering here at Children's Care!"
– Christopher F., Volunteer