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Have You Heard the Latest on Autism?

The past week has been full of exciting news in the world of autism.  More and more states are legislating that autism be covered by insurance, mostly recently Governor Jindal of Louisiana.

On Tuesday the Wall Street Journal’s website ran a story on early detection of autism and mentions how early detection is key. “By identifying children early who may be at risk of developing autism, even without a definitive diagnosis, parents can consider initiating behavioral therapy, the most widely validated treatment for the condition. Studies of autistic children indicate that preschool-age kids receiving intensive treatment show greater gains in language and IQ scores than children whose treatment begins at older ages. Behavioral therapy includes such measures as encouraging children to look at people’s faces, express emotions and curtail any repetitive tics. But diagnosis and therapy can be expensive, and insurance coverage for autism treatment is spotty, especially for early intervention.”

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