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Happy Halloween

Stay safe and enjoy this wonderful holiday for children of all abilities!


Trick or Treat!

Our students had fun trick-or-treating around the building on Friday.  There were many scary witches, ghosts, princesses, and most of all—lots of big smiles and giggles.  Some children had their own Halloween costumes, but for those who didn’t, the Children’s Care Auxiliary provided funds to purchase costumes.  A “jeans day” held by Children’s Care staff members also contributed to the costume fund—employees could wear jeans for one day for a $3 contribution.  We work hard with the boys and girls in our care to help them reach their greatest potential, but we always remember that they are children first. Part of our “healthcare, education, and love” pledge is to make sure they have all the opportunities for fun that any child deserves to have.  By the way, if you’ve ever been interested in joining our auxiliary, we have one-hour luncheons at the main facility on the third Monday of each month at 11:45, and we love newcomers! Call Jackie in the Children’s Care Foundation office for details: (605) 782-2325 or email her at

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"I have learned so much from the kids; how to be more patient, compassionate, and to love unconditionally."
– Kathie G., Support Specialist