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Think handwriting isn’t worth learning anymore? A new study by Norwegian and French researchers shows that handwriting aids kids’ cognitive development, because it integrates three brain processes: Visual, Motor, and Cognitive.

Children’s Care has week-long handwriting camps that help kids develop that skill. In Rapid City, Children’s Care has a handwriting class for first and second graders July 23-August 2 from 3-4:30 p.m.

Camps are led by experienced occupational therapists in a fun, group setting at the Children’s Care Rehabilitation Center 7110 Jordan Drive
Rapid City, SD 57702. Cost for the handwriting class is $175. Call (605) 342-4412 to register.

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"I like to volunteer at Children's Care because I feel like I am able to return something that Children's Care has given to me. I have been a consumer of Children's Care in the past. Everyone here is so flexible and willing to meet my needs."
– Kira J., Volunteer