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Dr. E.B. Morrison remembered with Celebration of Life

Current and former Children’s Care staff and students hosted a celebration of life for Dr. E.B. Morrison at on October 1st at Children’s Care Hospital & School in Sioux Falls.  Dr. Morrison passed away suddenly on August 25th at the age of 94, and a memorial service was held on August 30th


The service here gave those who knew him an opportunity to share their memories and thoughts about Dr. Morrison, who led this organization from August 1951 to December, 1984.  Emcees were music therapist Cherie Ortman, who worked here while Dr. Morrison was still director, and former Children’s Care social worker Nate Anderson.  Former student Katie Seymour remembered the man who wouldn’t allow her disabilities to hold her back in any way, and current and former employees remembered his leadership and mentoring skills–making him the leader we all aspire to be.


Former teacher and principal Anja Hoekman said, “I remember that first beginning-of-the-year talk (it was to be the first of many in my years at CCHS)…not the specific details, not all the words he wrote on that chalkboard,  but the awe and inspiration and deep motivation that he was able to provide for all of us with his words.  I knew from the first day under his tutelage that here was a very special man.  From the beginning he taught, and I learned from him.  I learned about doing my very best in all that I did, striving for excellence , representing CCHS to everyone I met, communicating effectively, caring and giving to those in need…for I saw that in him on a daily basis. I was so privileged when early on he became my mentor.  It was, I believe, a gift from God.”


The service ended with a videotaped speech Dr. Morrison made in May 2012, at a Children’s Care Auxiliary event–”We’re talking about love, aren’t we,” he asked.  “Children can teach us so much if we let them.”  He ended by thanking everyone for pitching in to do their part in helping children get the services they deserve.  Rest in peace, Dr. Morrison, your legacy lives on through thousands of families and those you led and mentored.


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– Kaitlyn B., Volunteer