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POSTED: MAY 03, 2013

No reservation is necessary to attend, just come to the main Children's Care facility at 2501 West 26th Street between 2:00 and 4:30 on May 10.  Besides visiting the PAES lab, you can also see the new home economics kitchen, which provides opportunities for learning cooking skills as well as restaurant etiquette, and other areas that older students use to learn job skills. The students are making cookies, punch, and other snacks to serve to visitors. 

The PAES lab is a comprehensive curriculum for work skills development, designed for use with special populations for training, assessment, exploration and development of work behavior. 

The hands-on, simulated work environment provides training in work readiness skills in almost every type of career.  The PAES helps students find their interests in five broad areas-Business/Marketing, Construction/Industrial, Consumer/Service, Processing/Production, and Computer/Technology.  The PAES also assesses behavioral barriers to successful learning and helps create positive work behaviors that will help them be successful in future work environments.  Through the hands-on learning experience, PAES provides the student knowledge of what they can do well, and what they enjoy. 

 "The PAES lab is one-of-a-kind in South Dakota," says Erin Stabnow, Children's Care Curriculum Coordinator.  "We feel so fortunate to be able to provide this research-based curriculum.  The lab will help us prepare our students for transition to adulthood and meaningful employment."

To complement the PAES lab, Children's Care School has purchased two additional curriculums, JOB TALK, a work readiness program, and MoneyManager, which teaches the basics of money management. MoneyManager is used in conjunction with the PAES to pay students for their work.

If you'd like to see the vocational skills area, but our open house time doesn't work for you, contact vocational teacher Evan Pottebaum to set another time: (605) 444-9744.

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Every day I find myself smiling as I walk down the hallway; I just cannot get over the fact that this is my job. The smiles and laughter that comes from the students I work with rejuvenate my commitment to them and makes my soul feel whole. The thing I enjoy most about working at Children's Care, is knowing that I am helping to make a difference in the lives of every child and family I work with, and that makes me feel like I'm leading a purpose driven life.
– Robert B., Teacher
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