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POSTED: MAR 10, 2013


Our oldest daughter has developmental delays and was diagnosed at age five with 1p36 Deletion Syndrome and 12q Duplication Syndrome. Anytime I hear that word, it's like someone scraping their fingernails on a chalkboard. It is the most degrading word anyone could use.

Though my daughter may not realize the significance of this, I as a parent am brought to tears when I hear it, even if it's used in other contexts. Our daughter has to work harder than anyone else for her accomplishments, and yet is always happy. She is very intelligent, as she has figured out how to communicate without a voice--efficiently and without a doubt making her needs known. Now YOU try that for a day and see how well you do, and still keep a smile on your face in the process! She or any other child with different abilities does not deserve to be called or to hear "the R word."

STOP the "R word"...pass it on!!

-Patti Stensland, RN, is a nurse in the Specialty Hospital program at Children's Care Hospital & School, and the "Mama" of three.  Patti's family has deep roots here; her sister Amy is also a nurse at Children's Care, and her mother and brother formerly worked here in direct care roles.

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"At Children's Care you don't have to ask for things to happen for your child; it just happens. I appreciate that."
– Shane S., Parent
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